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How to make your own avatar step by step

Jul 8, 2021

How to make your own LIVE2D virtual model

The first step is to plan your own avatar first, please answer the following questions

1. Half or Full body

2 gender/age
3. Species(human or animal)
4. personality
5. hair color and shape/eye color and shape
6. body shape
7. clothes
8 .main color

super fine rigging quality or standard rigging quality

what face expression you need?

What movement you need?

pls. refer this video with many movement and face expression

Regarding the half-length and full-body, although the main interaction with the audience during the live broadcast is the half-length, in my experience, it is still recommended to choose the whole body, because the design and model of the whole body are designed once, so that you can be more flexible in use. Because the full body model is very easy to adjust to a half body in the software, and the full body model is also suitable for recording promotion videos or making some promotion posters. It is decided at the beginning that the price difference is not big, but in the later stage, the whole body will be changed from the half body, whether it is the original painting. A designer or a modeler, both need to think and work from the beginning, and the increase in the whole body will be higher.

The facial expression and motion design can be added later according to the needs of use, and there will be no additional cost increase

Basically, changes in the face are all facial expressions, and other hand movements, props, etc. are all movment designs.

Facial expressions commonly have Blush,Cry,Angry,Sad, Crazy, Star Eyes, Black Face,Black Face, Heart Eyes, Rolling Eyes, Sigh, Oops

Common actions are wave hand, think hand, drink tea, wings

you can see reference of this movement 

If you have the design ability, you can use PHOTOSHOP to draw by yourself. The drawing files used for the LIVE2D model need to be divided into very fine layers, so that all movable places are layered, so that the next step can be separated during modeling. Move naturally

After designing, please use LIVE2D CUBISM software for modeling.
Regarding modeling, modeling is divided into high-definition modeling and standard modeling
The difference between super fine rigging modeling and standard rigging modeling, you can refer this standard rigging quality

Basically, standard modeling meets the basic requirements of the LIVE2D model. The eyes, mouth, and head will move, and the hair will move naturally. But it feels like a piece of paper, not vivid enough
Fine modeling, the chest, accessories and hair will move more naturally with the breath, and the body will twist more naturally with the head. Although it is a 2D model, it presents the advantages of LIVE2D. 2D two-dimensional characters are as vivid as 3D characters.
After drawing the model, the model can be imported into the software

More question, pls. free to go to discord to discuss

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