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How to become vuber?

Jul 8, 2021

The technology of virtual youtubers, including 2D models using LIVE2D cubism technology or 3D models using VRM, provides the possibility for everyone to be AVATAR

Application of VTUBER

As a pioneering technology, LIVE2D makes it possible for more diversified character designs in the virtual world to interact with the audience. It is now mainly used in the following scenarios

Game streamers

this is the most scene, because the game itself is a virtual world. The streamer who love the game can explain the games they like while playing the game, so that the audience can pay more attention to the sharing and fun of the skills of the game by the streamers. Audience also mainly like the streamer's practical operation and humorous language. 

With what perfect image do you hope to enter this virtual world?

Using vtubers, game streamers design and become virtual characters in their minds according to their hobbies and talents, and carry out creative self-design and expression


The streamer can wear pajamas, messy hair, play the game intently while explaining the game. The avatar of the game streamer will collect the eyes, mouth and head expressions of the anchor, just like a 2D character you like is talking to you Same, you can even make some cute, angry, shy facial expressions, waving hands, thumb up and other movements set in advance

Content Provider

Content provider, content creators need to explain their content, just like a real speaker or teacher giving a lecture, whether it is a video or a PPT,   can be like a host to make the introduction of the content more vivid.

Please refer to this character model, which mainly introduces related IT products and knowledge

Corporate spokesperson

Now more and more companies need a spokesperson to promote the company’s business, conduct live video broadcasts, etc.

compared to traditional static corporate image expression, virtual characters can better introduce corporate services and can be used as corporate image spokespersons, without being limited by the unknown risks brought by real person endorsements. 

To Be Vtuber How to choose between 2D model and 3D model?

The expression of the 2D model is more refined. Generally, it is a two-dimensional image of fine hand-painted, which is more popular among young users, especially the facial expressions are very vivid.

The 3D model is made by modeling, and the expression of the characters is relatively rough. If you need a very fine model, you need a very high investment in design and hardware. In addition to facial capture, you also need to cooperate with the body capture suit. The requirements for diversified body movements are high, but the requirements for refined facial expressions are average, and the budget is relatively high. 3D models are recommended.


In the case of limited budget, I hope to start my own virtual anchor business, mainly to interact with users in language, it is recommended to start with the LIVE2D two-dimensional model

What investment to be live2d vtuber?

For model drawing and live2d model making, please refer to

LIVE2D related software

Pls. download from steam and refer official website as below:

FACERIG price, PRPRLIVE free, VTB free,

Pls. download from steam and refer official website as below:

OBS software

used to superimpose the model with the scene you want, and then push it to the relevant platform for live broadcast or recording

Win10 up PC with Camara and Mic

A computer with a camera does not require a camera. The built-in computer is basic, but it has higher requirements for computer hardware. At least I7, memory is recommended to be above 8G, and the model can move smoothly (based on PRPRLIVE, measured FACERIG has very high requirements for hardware. When the computer turns on FACERIG and OBS, I7 and 16G, even the model cannot run

And I7,16G open OBS and PRPRLIVE at the same time, the model is very smooth, but if you are a game anchor and need high-end computer hardware to play games, each game is different, I suggest you test it yourself.

At the same time, the following methods can also be used to reduce the requirements for computer hardware

Purchase PRPRLIVE DLC for USD5

Or if you have a mobile phone with IPHONEX or higher, use the free IOS version of the software provided by PRPRLIVE, and put the face capture part on the phone.

Other possible related hardware investment costs

1.     If you want to broadcast PS, XBOX or SWITCH games, but not STEAM games, it is recommended to buy this HDMI encoder, you can directly input these game screens into OBS, and then streaming online.

2.     If you are a mobile phone game host, because ordinary mobile phones do not have HDMI output, you need this mobile phone to HDMI cable, the mobile phone screen as HDMI encoding and streaming to the computer.

3.     If you preset a lot of face expressions and actions, you will not remember the operation of the corresponding shortcut keys during live broadcast or recording, and you may enter text during the host. The text entered will conflict with the corresponding shortcut keys. , It is recommended that you buy a programmable keyboard for quick use of expressions and actions. The corresponding shortcut keys can be set in the modeling software to CRTL+LETTER, OR ALT+LETTER OR NUMBER and other key combinations that are not commonly used in text input. You can also ask your modeler to directly export the model. When, use the relevant key combination to operate expressions and actions

4.     If the gender of your virtual character design is different from your own, you can use this voice changer to become a male or female voice, or a child voice, or even add some audience sound effects for yourself. This requires a computer headset to cooperate.

5.     If you need a mobile phone to capture the face, it is recommended to buy this simple stand, which is very strong and can adjust the angle and height flexibly.

This is all what you need to be Vtuber

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