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What is live2d model

Jul 6, 2021

live2d brief introduction

Live2D cubism is a drawing and rendering technology used in video games. The technology is developed by Cybernoids, Japan. It generates a 2D image similar to a 3D model through a series of continuous images and character modeling. Pls. refer 

It can make the 2D picture have a 3D effect, while retaining the original style of the 2D vertical painting. This technology is widely used in some RPG role-playing mobile games, the following are some well-known 2D games

How live2D software transfer 2D image to 3D avatar alive?

Through the LIVE2D software, you can make the character move naturally. This is how the model is controlled and moved with the mouse in the LIVE2D Cubsim software.

 In the game, code is used to control the LIVE2D model to make corresponding actions

What is software and hardware need for Virtual Youtuber?

So how does this LIVE2D model combine with the virtual youtuber? What kind of software and hardware are needed?

Basic Hardware requirement

To run the LIVE2D model, you only need a computer with a camera. Use the camera to capture your face. A portable laptop can start the anchor work at any time

Software requirement:

  • OBS   First, you need OBS software, a free software for video recording and live broadcasting,

Pls. refer

  • Facial capture software supporting LIVE2D mode

    The software will use the head, eyes and mouth data collected by the camera to make the model make corresponding actions according to the vtuber

  1. FACERIG is the first software to use LIVE2D CUBSIM SDK to realize facial capture with a camera to make LIVE2D models move.

Pls. refer to

Facerig’s software is not free. The basic one is around USD7 on steam, pls. refer

However, the biggest problem with FACERIG is that it requires very high computer hardware. When running the model, if the computer hardware configuration is not good, the model is very stuck

2.  PRPRLIVE as a free software, 

the biggest advantage is that it has very low requirements for computer hardware pls. refer

The official introduction of the following computer configuration can make the model move.

OS: Windows 10

CPU:Intel Core i5 4200

Memory: RAM

Graphics:GTX 950M DirectX

The author’s actual operating laptop is configured as I7, 16G, and OBS and PRPRLIVE are turned on at the same time, which is very smooth

PRPLIVE can be downloaded for free on STEAM and can be used

If you add PRPRLIVE DLC, the requirements for computer hardware will be further reduced and smoother

PRPLIVE also has a special advantage. The free version of the software supports dual anchors to interact on the same screen.

At the same time, PRPRLIVE has also launched a version that uses above IPHONEX for facial capture, which further reduces the requirements for computer hardware. by use ARKkit mode, make the iphoneX and PC in same LAN network, then start connect.

3. Some vtuber are also accustomed to using VTS as work software, the basic version is free but with VTS watermark

The advantage of VTS is that the same software supports LIVE2D models and also supports 3D models of VRM.

Pls. reefer

Can be downloaded in STEAM

These three kinds of face capture software have their own advantages, and there are detailed comparison instructions on the Internet

When your live2dmodel is completed, you can ask your live2d rigging artist to provide you with a version according to different software requirements according to your own preferences to adapt to different software. Or make a special optimization for one kind of software.

normally model file as json format, when you use face capture software, just select default show file to open it.

 The author recommends PRPRLIVE, the free version is powerful and has very low hardware requirements.

In order to let everyone better understand how LIVE2D works, the author deeply sympathizes with the recent experience of BRITNEY , and made a LIVE2D model based on the photos of BRITNEY. You can go to ETSY to buy it, and install the corresponding free software according to the guidelines of this article. test.

If the computer performance is weak and the model is stuck, the screen recording can be recorded in PRPRLIVE with a green screen, and then use the AE software to insert the background to synthesize

I hope you can use your own more powerful discussion to help BRITNEY speak, let more people hear it, and let BRITNEY be free.

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