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Full Body Character Design, Super Fine Rigging Animation

Full Body Character Design, Super Fine Rigging Animation

US$ 758.00
Extra Face Expression
Null 1(+US$ 30.00) 2(+US$ 60.00) 3(+US$ 90.00) 4(+US$ 120.00) 5(+US$ 150.00)
Extra Movement
Null 1(+US$ 100.00) 2(+US$ 200.00) 3(+US$ 300.00) 4(+US$ 400.00) 5(+US$ 500.00)
Customized Requirements

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Full Body Character Design, Super Fine Rigging Animation
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    • live2d character design super fine video with 1 facial expression sample vtuber commission virtual youtuber avatar

    Be Vtuber full body design package include customized anime character design service with superfiner live2D  rigging quality Half Body Demo Live2D Cubism 4.0 and Facerig include character design vtuber commission virtual youtuber avatar hololive model facerig

    this video sample show you how it look like for super fine rigging quality and animation

    1 Full body Character design

    2. XYZ superfine live2D model rigging quality

    3. 1 Extra Face expression 

    All is customized and personalized. 

    1. Half or Full body
    2 gender/age
    3. Species(human or animal)
    4. personality
    5. hair color and shape/eye color and shape
    6. body shape
    7. clothes
    8 .main color

    super fine rigging quality or standard rigging quality

    what face expression you need?

    What movement you need?

    Also send me the photo reference

    this video sample show the half body super fine sample. you can prepare with other artist created, good
    character design and super fine animation

    I am only work for high quality and nature animation

    You can order extra face expression and movement according your own requirements.

    if you have more requirement, kindly let me know.. Prices might increase depending on complexity of character, or the requested animation

    custom made, it is sample only to show you how you can creat your future charactor looks, and what you are going to pay.

    your own creat live2d chracter idea, per your request, we will painting and make it as live2d model, can use to facerig or any other 2D software such as prprlive or vup etc, prprlive and vup have free version in steam, facerig is paid service on steam, you can try to import to your favorite software to see how it looks, then you can start your virtual youtuber or hololive, your own avatar and your world to attract your fans, interactive with your fans

    price will include your copyright for commercial usage.
    1. Share your channel with me, I will put your channel on my website.
    2. Allow me to promote also as creator and release video or photo online.
    I will also help you to promote your channel.
    Creat big star together.
    I will not use for vtuber, just use it for promotion.
    or you pay me 3 times to get the whole commercial usage without mention my website or not allow me to introduce your channel. 

    I also accept that you bring your artworks / illust or VTuber model to life with Live2D, but the file need to be PSD with live2d ready to cut.

    [Please read FAQ or ask me before ordering to make it more clear, lets chat ^^]

    Animate flat images to make them more alive and use it on FaceRig or VTube Studio, this service is perfect for :

    • Those who want their characters animated or to the game developer (VN DEV) that wish to create character animation
    • Streamer or VTuber

    It's also being used for :

    1. Vtuber
    2. FaceRig and VTube Studio
    3. Idle Animation for wallpaper
    4. Youtube Intro
    5. Mobile Game
    6. Steam Artwork
    7. Visual Novel Sprite

    You can also use this service for making short clips to use in whatever you like from Youtube to other social media platforms.


    1. send me your custom or personalized requirement (or Image preparation for Live2D rigging - you can ask me on how to provide the model)
    2. You can sit and relax till it's done

    I don't responsible for the copyright if the charactor from you.

    it take around 1month-2month total from charactor design to live2d model ready, if you need fast service, kindly let me know

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